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February 10, 2009


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Mike Smith

I have a "Songs for Grampa" cassette tape in like new condition and would like to what they are worth and who's collecting them.

Thank you
Mike Smith



Thank you for the important and likely trying work that you are doing. I am wondering if any audio enhancement was used to bring out the recording? It does not appear that there is. I have only just begun to follow your mission here, so maybe I don't know about your intentions of preservation vs quality of representation etc... But, I think this particular recording could benefit if some work was done to mask the noise and bring out the music. Is this something you guys avoid so as not to manipulate the original or alter the integrity of the historical artifact you present? just curious.


Kurt Johnson

Hi there!
Thanks for taking the time to comment. When we're digitizing tapes here, we try to make straight transfers without modifying the sound in any way. Once we have a file that best represents the sound of the actual artifact, it is possible to clean it up and try to make it more 'presentable'. However, it's rare to have the time or money to put a lot of effort into much more than the archival transfer. In addition to that, you start to run into more subjective aesthetic areas that others might not agree with. Would be great to hear this tape cleaned up, though!

We don't have any information on the current valuation of the 'Songs to Grandpa' cassette, and we are not allowed to perform appraisal services. I apologize for this. I have never seen one of these cassettes for sale; perhaps one of the auction sites might give you an idea.

Again, thanks for writing!

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