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    The CONTENTdm site containing the digitized materials and the metadata records from the Dick J. Reavis Papers.
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    Portal page to the digital collection. Includes a transcribed interview with author Dick J. Reavis, and information about the author, the book, the papers, the grant, the digital collection and the Southwestern Writers Collection.

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February 12, 2010


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Do you have any suggestions as to the best player to use? I'm having fits with these things. They won't play in my FireFox browser, so have to open them in a player. VLC works, but is non-fast-forwardable. If you have to end half-way thru, have to start from beginning again. ALL RealPlayer controls work ... sorta. The second you touch ANY button, volumn, FF, screen-resize, etc., it gives an error & quits about 60% of the time. All others, WMP, BS-Player, MPC, etc. are 100% NON-functional. Question-#2 = Are they still DL'able somewhere on site, or are the streaming links the only option now? Thanks.

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